How To Start?

Register Roboforex Members Area Account at RoboForex – Professional services on Forex market . If you already have Roboforex Members Area Account, skip to Step 2.

Click Open trading account button

Fill in information as per below and the click Next Step button

Once registration success, record down Member Area password for future login purpose.

On the same page of Members Area registration success, OR you can navigate to Accounts > Real account ( to open a trading account.

Choose options as per screenshot below and input following value, and then click Confirm button.

Affiliate code : cmns

Trading platform : MetaTrader 4
Account Type : MT4 ProCent

Leverage : 1:1000

Note: MT4 ProCent account type is Cent account, the deposited amount will displayed with amount multiplied by 100, any withdrawal amount will be divided by 100.

Once Trading Account created successfully, record down Account number, password and server name for login purpose. Click Pass the verification button and follow the steps to get your account verified.

Navigate to Funds > Deposit Funds, choose your preferred deposit method, and then input the desired deposit amount(recommended minimum USD 1000 for copy trading) and currency.

Click following link, and then click Subscribe to Trader button(OR click Customize manually for different copy mode. Recommended remain using Proportional ratio 1.0, as higher ratio impose higher risk to your trading account) to start Copy Trading!

Download Metatrader 4 (MT4) software from link below and login to your trading account to monitor trading transactions.


The investment is made through a market operator, such as ROBOFOREX. Before you start trading, you must accept their terms and conditions. Every type of investment has its risks and there are always down days. Investing in the financial markets can be very lucrative but it also has a high degree of risk, such as the partial or even total loss of your invested capital. Keep this in mind at all times. You should only trade if you can withstand a possible loss that may occur. You should not invest more than 10% of your savings in FOREX. All texts on this website are for information purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice. Everyone is responsible for their own money and decisions.